Managed Hosting

Dedicated hosting managed servers provide a hassle-free solution for those businesses that require security and control without the necessary manpower to maintain the server.

The servers are secured by using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates issued by a valid certification organization. SSL certificates provide an additional layer of security to protect your customers’ privacy and data.

When your customers enter your site, they’ll see a validity check reflected on the locked icon.

In the background, the SSL encrypts the data so that the sensitive data is protected.

SSL certificates are bound to your domain name and IP address. Entrust and Verisign are two known issuing companies.

A dedicated managed hosting provider can take care of the installation for you.  They usually also sell the SSL certificate.

Managed Web Hosting

Server security requires additional upkeep that is done behind the scene and are beyond the installation of SSL. Part of server security is limiting access to hardware and software the operates the server.   An example of this is securing and limiting access to files and folders and software version change.