Respiratory Diseases: The People Above 65 Years of Age

Respiratory Diseases: The People Above 65 Years of Age

Description and main symptoms of the most common respiratory diseases among the elderly. Respiratory system diseases are the one which affects the environment and especially in the elderly because they have a direct effect on health and quality of life.  Getting Medicare Supplement Plans 2020 from can help with this kind of health scare.


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a group of respiratory diseases that are characterized by irreversible airflow limitation, is undoubtedly the most important. Several studies consider that the year 2020 COPD will be the fifth cause of years of life lost and years of life with a disability, after heart disease, depression, traffic accidents, and cerebrovascular diseases.

The main cause of COPD:

Smoking is the main cause of COPD. Other less frequent causes are those of genetic origin, occupational exposure, passive smoking, environmental contamination, bronchial hyperactivity or respiratory infections, although their importance is very small. Almost 50% of older smokers / ex-smokers with chronic respiratory symptoms such as cough, expectoration and/or respiratory whistles may have COPD. There is a clearly identified relationship between exposure to tobacco and deterioration of lung function. Stopping smoking slows the progression of the disease. But, in addition, the number and severity of the exacerbations/complications decrease.

Prevention measure:

Physical exercise, nutrition, hygiene, and vaccinations can reduce the effects of the disease.

The Flu:

Another important respiratory disease from which the older people are affected widely is the flu, which is often confused with colds. Both present with cough, mucus, nasal discharge, headache or neck … but the flu has more pronounced symptoms and is accompanied by high fever and muscle pain. The flu is a very contagious viral disease. Older people have a higher risk of complications due to the flu. Since flu viruses usually change each year, the older people have to get vaccinated early in the fall for the prevention from it.


Pneumonia is a lung infection that affects the lower respiratory tract. It can be caused by bacteria, viruses and in some cases fungi (in patients with low defenses). There are several risk factors that favor pneumonia age 65 and older; influenza or other respiratory diseases; chronic diseases, such as diseases of the heart or lungs.

Symptoms and treatment:

Symptoms vary depending on the type of pneumonia, in most cases, fever and chills predominate. The treatment of pneumonia depends on types of pneumonia, the severity of the symptoms and other factors. For bacterial pneumonia, antibiotics are given, while for viral pneumonia antibiotics are not effective.

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Staying Connected in 2018

Technology has come a long way since the days of sending letters to try to keep in touch with friends and family. With the invention of the internet, various methods of communication have evolved along with it. We’re now able to instantly communicate with people in different buildings, cities, even in different countries across the world. Here are ways to help you stay connected in 2018.  Get an advantage plan at

Smart Phones

Smart phones are exactly what their name implies: much smarter than the rotary phone you may have grown up with, or the corded landline you’re used to having. They are now equipped with access to an internet browser, which can be used for more than just learning about different Medicare supplement plans. With an internet connection, you can now make a phone call even without having cellular service where you are. You can also make video calls using apps like Skype or FaceTime, literally being able to call friends and family and see them on the screen in real time, like a video.

Sending text messages or emails is also a quick and convenient method of communication. Instead of calling someone and hoping to catch them live on the phone, type a quick text message and send it to them instead. It’s quick and to the point, and the person can respond when they’re able to rather than having to find time to call you back. With an internet connection, you can send longer and more professional messages with email, which can be accessed on your smart phone just as easily as your text messages.


Social media apps are growing larger in number and functionality every day. Typically used to “follow” friends, family, celebrities, and companies or interests, you can connect with them on these apps and see what they post or communicate with them directly.  Facebook is a popular app for posting pictures, messages, and current info about yourself for friends and family to see, and for you to follow the same about your friends and family. Instagram is popular for sharing beautiful photos with people, following what they share as well, and keeping up to date with what celebrities and companies are sharing. The same goes for Twitter, which allows you to post real time thoughts and opinions and follow those of people you’re interested in keeping up with as well. All of this can be done instantly and in real time for the quickest and most convenient method of communication.

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Fun Smart Phone Games


You can use your smart phone for a wide variety of things these days, but not all of them have to be for work or productivity. Sometimes you just want to take a break and play a game to get your mind off of the hustle and bustle of life.


Your internet browser can be used for more than just learning about different Medicare supplement plans. Use it to play online games right from your smart phone, and some games don’t require any internet connection at all once you’ve downloaded them.



The best part about playing games on your smart phone is that you can find even the most classic games you might remember from your childhood. Games such as chess, backgammon, cribbage, solitaire, or even various poker and casino games can be played on your smart phone. If you have an internet connection, you can play any of these games against live people you have never even met before who are also logged on and looking to play their favorite games against. If you don’t have an internet connection, all of these games also have the ability for you to play the game against the computer, which reacts to your moves based on a skill level you ask it to stick to.

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If you are looking for a more modern twist on gaming, try your hand at creative video games that don’t necessarily have roots in cards or board games like you’re used to. Angry Birds is a very popular one where you use a slingshot to launch angry birds across your screen and throughout their virtual world, trying to knock down their rival farm animals and the objects around them. Candy Crush is another popular one designed to test your skills at lining up different colored and shaped candies to eliminate them from the screen and eventually blast through the entire puzzle for points and rewards. Think of it as a modern day Tetris.


Believe it or not, you can simulate various sports games right on your smart phone. Play in a professional Baseball game or try your luck in a homerun derby. Hit the links all around the world if you’re a golfer, or brush up on your putting skills with a little mini golf simulation. If you’re up for the challenge, hop in a race car and speedily navigate your way through some of the world’s most grueling and interesting courses.

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How can we compare Medicare supplement plans?


Let us get the basics very clear.  Visit

The Medicare supplement plans are approved and facilitated by many types of private companies and agencies. Each and every Medicare plan are not replica of each other. The private companies design the various Medicare plans according to their will. The plans even differ from one place to another. The Medicare plans are provided to only those who are at least sixty years old or above. These plans not only provide a perfect health insurance but also help by providing their clients emergency check ups as and when required.

How to compare the various Medicare supplement plans?

All the Medicare plans have something in special. Before, selecting and getting enrolled into one plan, the person interested should make a thorough comparative study about all the available Medicare plans in his or her respective state. The basis on which the Medicare supplement plans are compared are as follows:

  • Many Medicare supplement plans tempt their clients by advertising that, there plans provide co pays as low as zero dollars. However, one should understand that, though the co pay is negligible still in reality, the client has to pay an amount in addition to the monthly premium he or she pays for part B, and various coinsurances and deductibles.
  • Very carefully one should check the annual deductibles. Compare this annual deductible with the other plans and select the one which is comfortable to you and suits you well.
  • Many Medicare plans provide some extra benefits like the routine eye check ups, health care programs, regular dental check ups as well as regular well ness programs. Carefully check all the plans and select a plan which provides the best amenities according to you.
  • There are many Medicare plans which even have the provision of emergency check ups and allowances for treatment under a specialist (out of network). Try to tally this amenity with the other plans and even find the cost and expenses related to these emergency treatments.
  • Check out whether the plan you are going to opt for has a good network of doctors and health services or not. If yes, do check that whether the network includes the doctors and other health providers who have been assigned to you.
  • Finally, check the star rating of all the plans.


Compare Medicare supplement plans to pick the best plan for yourself.

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Compare Medicare Supplement Plans – How it helps to choose the best plan?


If you want to purchase the best Medicare Supplement Plan, it is necessary to compare Medicare Supplement Plans. Now, to compare the same you need to know very well the basic aspects on which you need to keep the importance. There are different kinds of Medicare Supplement Plans like PFFS, PPO, HMO and SNP.

What to compare:

  • Coverage amount will be one of the most crucial things that you should compare for sure before deciding on purchasing a particular plan.
  • As you have to pay the premium per month this is another thing which is required to be checked very well before purchasing the plan.
  • When you take such a plan you will get the facilities from the hospital and doctor which are in the network of that particular plan. So, you should check the list of the hospitals and doctors which are in network of that particular insurance company.
  • You should check whether the plan is providing you the basic facilities like Ambulance Service, Emergency Care, Urgent care, Impatient Care in hospital, out of pocket costs, Home health caring, cost of the prescribed drugs and many more.

Compare the plans at

In case of PFFS Insurance Company will pay the doctor a specific amount which may be less than the normal charges taken by that doctor. If the doctor does not accept it, you will not be able to get the service with that particular doctor. In case of HMO you have to go to the network hospitals and doctors only. In Case of PPO you can go to the doctors and hospitals that are included in the network of the company and also out of the network doctors. There are some other beneficial plans like MSA and SNP are helping people as well.

Why comparison is necessary:

The comparison is mainly necessary because you will be able to find out which plan is going to be more appropriate for you. At the same time, you will be able to pay less and get the best benefits which are eventually required for you. While comparing among the various problems, you will get better idea about the various Medicare Supplement Plans available in the market. So, before purchasing a particular plan it is very much necessary to compare various plans.

As all these plans are related to the healthcare of your family you need to be double assure before choosing a particular plan. Comparing the plans will open your eyes more to choose the best one available in the market.


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Medicare Advantage Plans

When one becomes a senior, you will find that there are other choices to getting Medicare coverage. One of these choices are Medicare Advantage Plans. Some people will choose an Advantage Plan over regular Medicare. You will need to do some research to find what will meet your medical needs and understand the coverage each plan has and medical costs that you may incur.

The aetna Medicare supplement plans are available from private insurance companies. These insurance agencies are all about making a profit and they do this through the premiums they charge for these plans. Their plan is to make money from these premiums they charge and also produce revenue by determining the deductibles and excess charges to the customer to invest these funds.

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There are Medicare Supplement Plans that can be added to your Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. There will be an added costs of premiums for these plans. There are available Medicare Advantage Plans that are free to a senior, as long as, they have Medicare Part B. Usually the Medicare Part B will have to be paid for by the senior. There will still be copayments and coinsurance that a senior will be responsible for.

Some of the Medicare Advantage Plans will also cover dental, vision, and prescription drugs a senior may wish to pay for in their premiums. These premiums may be higher for these benefits, but may fit in your budget. You also may find that you will need a referral for physicians and medical tests that you may need, before any service may be rendered. Also the plan may direct which physicians one may go to as well. These can be big concerns a senior may want to think about before getting any Medicare Advantage Plan. As it is becoming more and more noticed, there are many doctors who do not take Medicare or Medicare Advantage Plans, so your doctor may not be considered on a Medicare Advantage Plan.

In your community, there will be seminars available to go to, to understand the benefits of Medicare Advantage Plans and it would be wise to attend these ,so you can understand which plans will suit your needs. Also one may go on the internet to various websites that will offer information on Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, as well as, the Medicare Advantage Plans. Looking carefully at all of this will be a wise choice.

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